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International Conference on Character Education

UNY, 8-9 November 2011. Over the past years, educators have become increasingly interested in implementing character education in every education level. Although the awareness is rapidly growing, the level of attention and political will from other stakeholders is however still inadequate. There is also a bewildering variety of programs and concepts for character education causing confusion and uncertainty. This conference aims at bringing together leading researchers, educators and other scholars to discuss a more focused implementation of character education.

Topics included  the role of religion & spirituality in character building, local wisdom & character development, realizing integrity & justice through character education, Character education & national development,  The government support & policy in character education,  Community participation in character education,  The role of parents in character development, Establishing standards for character education, Developing curriculum & programs of character education, Approaches to & strategies of character education, Character education at schools, Social studies education as a means of character development, Good practices in character education, Evaluation & assessment in character education, Nationalism & internationalism in character education, Environmental education to promote sustainable life, Gender & character development, Inclusive education &  multiculturalism in character building,   The role of literature & media in character education, Culture, arts & language in character building, Health & sports in character development, And other topics related to the above mentioned.

Participant comes from researcher, lecturer, practitioner around the world including from USA, Netherland, Belgium, Malaysia, India, Laos, and Kambodia. There are 60 speakers present their papers, and hundreds participant attended this conference. Plenary sessions, Ary Ginanjar Dr HC and Prof. Azyumardi Azra speak about the important of belief and family role to endorse character of this country. Even the challenges of this even are propose to provide the conceptual and empirical evidence, and experiences regarding how to develop character within education process of adults, however most of paper present character building for children, little paper present character education for teenagers but only few discuss character education for adult. Hence enrichment of concept and empirical evidence of children and teenager character building seems fully discussed and further recommendation and future study of  creating character education for adult becomes challenges.

Sample articles presents:

In and Beyond the Classroom Courage



  1. Agungtaufan thank’s..good luck n keep share…

    thank’s..good luck n keep share…

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