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Civitas UNY di undang mengikuti AISC

Formmit. Berkenaan dengan rencana kegiatan The First Annual Indonesian Scholars Conference in Taiwan (AISC-Taiwan) dengan tema “Improving national competitiveness by strengthening and accelerating independent researches” yang akan diselenggarakan pada Hari Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010, bertempat di  Conference Hall, Southern Taiwan University (STU), Taiwan R.O.C, organisasi kemahasiswaan Indonesia di Taiwan yang tergabung dalam Formmit, mengundang para akademisi di Indonesia baik yang di dalam maupun di luar negeri untuk dapat berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan tersebut.

Selain presentasi paper dari peserta, acara ini akan menghadirkan Prof.  Dr. Mohamad  Nuh,  DEA  – Mendiknas yang akan berbicara tentang “National education strategy to enhance the global competitiveness”,  Prof. Dr.  Ir. Engkos Koswara N., M.Sc, APU  – Staff Ahli menristek yang akan memberikan tema “Government  strategic  step  in  strengthening  and  accelerating national  research  as  a  means  of  knowledge-based  economic development”, serta Chih-Cheng Chao, Ph.D., P.Eng – Senior Advisor Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) –Taiwan. Beliau akan memberikan gambara “How to enhance the national competitiveness: Taiwan in study case”. Pakar lain yang akan berbicara sebagai Invited Talk by two speakers ; Dr.  Khoirul  Anwar,  Japan  Advanced  Institute  of  Science  and
Technology, Japan. dan  Dr. Andreas Raharso, Director Global R&D Centre for Execution, Hay Group, Singapore.

Panitia juga sudah melayangkan permohonan kepada UNY untuk bisa membantu menyediakan reviewer untuk menyeleksi naskah-naskah yang masuk.

This century, the world has entered the era of knowledge-based economy where  economic  growth,  prosperity,  and  nation’s  standard  of  living  are  heavily influenced  by  the  ability  to master  and  capitalize  science  and  technology.  This  era is also characterized by strong tendency to create an open system which can  lead  to  global  competition,  hence  the  undeniable  requisition  to  survive  and  proficient  in  every  competition  is  to  increase national  competitiveness. One of  the main  factors  that  can  increase  the  competitiveness of nations  is  increasing  investment  and  improving  the  quality  of  human  resource  development  and  research.

Indonesia  as  a  developing  country  with  abundant  natural  resources  needs knowledge-based  skillful  employers  whom  they  are  able  to manage,  enhance their economic  value,  and provide  solutions  to  the problems  faced  in  terms of safety, health, education, environment, agriculture,  industry,  infrastructure, and  other sectors. However, the big issues related to improving the quality of human resources  and  researches  are  still  facing  Indonesia  today.  Indicators were  seen from  the  low  investment and  research development of human  resources when
seen  from  the  indicators  of  research  and  development  and  its  outcomes  as reported by the ADB in 2003

Conditions above, correlated positively  to the competitiveness of nations which  apparently  still  low  compared  to  the  other  countries  (table-2).  The  low competitiveness of  Indonesia can also be seen from the numbers of the Human Development  Index  (HDI) which was  released by UNDP, which put  Indonesia  in the  order  of  107  out  of  177  countries.  This  issue  needs  to  be  solved  if  the Indonesian people do not want to left behind and run over by the fast-changing  era. Strategic plans have been taken by the government as an effort to  increase  national  competitiveness,  including  improvement of education budget  to   each 20% (2009-2010’s State Budget), improvement of national education system, and increase the research budget, although the number is still far from the amount of the research budget issued by the neighbor countries.

Despite  policies  executed  by  the  government  is  still  far  from  the  ideal  as expected by all nations’ elements, but as  the children of our nation, we should not  just  criticize  the  policies  without  contributed  to  any  possible  roles  and position  which  can  be  taken.  As  an  overseas  academician,  both  students  and employers who work on strategic sectors have an  important role to support the increase  of  nation’s  competitiveness.  One  of  them  is  participating  in  the strengthening  and  acceleration  of  national  research,  thus  they  can  become advocates/supporters  in the development of national  industry based on science and technology, developed by the nation itself.

Such action has begun, with the emergence of International Indonesian Scholars  Association (I-4) and various scientific studies led by Indonesian students in some  countries  where  they  study.  As  part  of  the  elements  that  have  a  sense  of  responsibility  and  commitment  in  our  nation  progress  and  prosperity,  the  Indonesian Muslim Student Forum in Taiwan (FORMMIT) was determined to take  part in the move with initiating a scientific forum that the results expected to be  a  trigger  to  improve  the  quality  of  national  research  and  acceleration  of  the  knowledge  capitalization  that  leads  to  increase economic  growth, and  increase
welfare of Indonesian people. In addition, we want to build a nation which has a dignity and reckoned in the world.

This event has goals and targets as follows;
Goals :
1.  Growing  nationalism  to  build  Indonesia  together  through
strengthening  and  accelerating  the  national  research  as  the
foundation of development knowledge-based economy.
2.  Place  to  accommodate  scientific  interaction  between  Indonesian
students  /  scholars  in Taiwan with  the  relevant parties  in  Indonesia
for the development of science and technology.
3.  Through scientific  interaction across these fields  is expected to build
an  intelligent,  comprehensive  and  competitive  future  generation
(Insan Kamil).


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