Posted by: Jurusan Manajemen | August 22, 2009

Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB) Call for applications 4 DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIPS

Under the Research Program “Fiscal Federalism” (Heads: Prof. Albert Solé-Ollé & Prof. Núria Bosch-Roca) at the IEB, we are seeking applications for Four Doctoral Scholarships

The academic year starts on September 1, 2009. The scholarship is for a period of two years (Master`s period), plus two additional years (PhD period) for students who are accepted on the PhD program. The amount of each stipend is 1,000 euro/month, and tuition fees will be waived.

The successful candidates will be admitted to the Master`s program in Economics at the University of Barcelona. The Master`s program is recognized by the Ministry of Education and the PhD program has received an award of excellence by the Ministry of Science.

The Master`s program comprises core subjects during the first year (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics and Econometrics) and three optional subjects from a list. During the second year there are also optional subjects, apart from the Master`s thesis. We expect the candidate to be engaged in the field of “Public Economics” (optional subjects: Public Finance I: Public spending, Public Finance II: Taxation, Fiscal Federalism, Political Economics, and Health Economics). During the PhD period, the candidate will have two supervisors: one from the IEB, and another from the IEB research network. During the third and fourth years, candidates will be encouraged to undertake short periods as visiting researchers at institutions connected with the IEB


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